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Concrete pavement, or rigid pavement, is a concrete layer that comes into direct contact with traffic and is used for various purposes and applications.

Depending on the situation, pavement concrete can be modified and changed in various ways. Because the concrete pavement is frequently subjected to harsh environmental conditions, it must be strong and durable but also workable and cost-effective.

Concrete pavements have several advantages that bituminous pavement designs do not have, such as being significantly suitable for large point loads, withstanding diesel spillage and other aggressive materials, suitable for cases where sub-grade strength is low, resisting high temperatures, and many other advantages.

Maintenance is required for any building material or project. Whether you’re building a new house or laying concrete for a driveway, you’ll need to perform routine maintenance at some point to keep it running. Concrete maintenance is important because it extends the life of the concrete and keeps you safe.

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Why Do You Need Concrete Maintenance?

If you own a house, you almost certainly have concrete sidewalks or a driveway. If you do this, you may notice cracks and indentations in the concrete over time. These can cause problems for everyone who walks on it and those who drive on it. If you’ve ever walked over concrete with deep cracks, you’ve probably tripped over something.

While spraining your ankle may not appear the worst thing in the world, it can cause you pain and distress for some time. It can be inconvenient and frustrating, but you can avoid this accident by performing routine concrete maintenance.

If you notice cracks or indents in your concrete, contact a contractor like JaxCrete to help you repair them. 

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With the assistance of professionals such as JaxCrete, with their concrete services, it will be easier and safer for you to repair your concrete pavements.

If your driveway begins to crack or indent, you may be able to perform concrete maintenance yourself instead of hiring a contractor. If you have other problems with a concrete sidewalk or driveway, calling a concrete contractor like JaxCrete to come out and look at it may be a better option because you may have more problems than you realize.

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Regardless of how long you’ve had concrete installed, concrete maintenance can help keep you safe and secure and your surfaces in working order. Caring for concrete pavement can extend life, avoid injury, and make life easier.

Dealing with concrete issues is unpleasant, and no one wants to pay an arm and a leg to have them repaired when you can maintain concrete so that problems do not arise as frequently in the first place.

Concrete pavement maintenance is critical because it keeps them in good condition while saving time and money on repairs. Although concrete pavement is well-known for its long useful life, the truth is that it is not a structure that is impervious to deterioration caused by people and vehicles, environmental conditions, and so on.

Concrete pavement maintenance is not an easy task. We invite you to continue reading so that you understand the difficulty and importance of this work.

What is the maintenance of concrete pavements?

Concrete pavement maintenance is a collection of technical tasks performed regularly to control the deterioration of these structures. These tasks range from pavement diagnosis to pavement repair.

Concrete pavements are structures constantly in contact with their surroundings so that they can deteriorate due to various factors. Below are some of the common causes:

• The cumulative effect of the vehicle and human traffic loads.

• Errors in pavement design or construction: poor curing, excessive mixing, use of aggregates not resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, and so on.

• The environment’s thermal and humid effects.

• Distinctive settlements.

• Support loss due to erosion of the base and sub-base.

The primary goal of concrete pavement maintenance is to extend the useful life of these structures by preventing damage, whether superficial or deep (in several centimeters of thickness). Concrete pavement maintenance is also essential to avoid rehabilitation work, which incurs higher technical and economic costs.

It is critical to emphasize that all maintenance must be carried out in complete compliance with the design and construction provisions of the concrete pavement in question.

What are the two types of concrete pavement upkeep?

The following are the main types of maintenance, depending on the state of the pavement and the regularity (or periodicity) of maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance 

As the name implies, it is a set of techniques to prevent severe pavement deterioration. As a result, they are performed regularly.

These failures only jeopardize the pavement’s level of service, causing inconvenience and discomfort for pedestrians and drivers.

The most common incipient damages to concrete pavements are manifested on the surface, so preventive maintenance is performed there.

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Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is used when concrete pavement damage has progressed to an advanced stage, affecting the structure extensively and deeply.

Not only is the level of service jeopardized in this situation, but so is the structural integrity.

Corrective maintenance techniques primarily consist of repairing the various deteriorations of the concrete pavement, which act entirely or partially on the thickness of the slab.

What techniques are used for concrete pavement maintenance?

Concrete pavement maintenance now includes a wide range of techniques for restoring the optimal state of these structures, both structurally and functionally, and aesthetically. Common concrete pavement maintenance methods include:

Repairing a full-thickness slab

This technique involves removing and replacing a deteriorated concrete pavement slab. This Concrete repair is comprised of the following stages:

• Marking and isolating the deteriorated area.

• Demolition and removal of damaged concrete.

• Base and drainage structure repair (if necessary).

• Inclusion of load transfer on transverse faces.

• Putting down and finishing the repair concrete.

• Thermal insulation and concrete curing.

• Repair area sawing and sealing.

Repair of a partial-thickness slab

In contrast to the previous one, it is a preventive maintenance technique for concrete pavements that entails removing and replacing a portion of a slab.

This technique only corrects superficial damage, affecting no more than one-third of the pavement’s thickness. Do you need Concrete repair near me? Contact the JaxCrete professionals!

The following steps are required to carry out this technique:

• Marking the deteriorated area.

• Removal of contaminated concrete.

• Clean the area that will be repaired.

• Meeting planning.

• Bonding bridge installation (epoxy materials or cement grout).

• The surface finishes.

• Textured.

• Cured.

• Resealing of joints.

Joint and fissure sealing

It is another preventive maintenance technique for concrete pavements to reduce water entry and incomprehensible materials. Concrete sealants are used for this.

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When should maintenance be performed?

All maintenance must be performed as soon as the deterioration appears in the concrete pavement. You can ask for the help of JaxCrete, which offers concrete services to help you fix and maintain your concrete pavement.

However, it is recommended that you choose preventive maintenance over corrective maintenance because corrective maintenance takes more time and money, and traffic should be completely stopped.

The following are some of the common failures:

Edge breaks: A full-thickness crack that connects a transverse and a longitudinal joint. It is caused, among other things, by poor load transfer or loss of support due to erosion.

Longitudinal cracks: Another type of full-thickness crack that has an orientation parallel to the pavement’s axis. It can be caused by early cracking or fatigue and joint reflection.

Surface wear is a disintegration of the pavement surface characterized by a loss of texture and surface mortar and the exposure of coarse aggregate. It is due to the use of low-quality concrete, improper curing, and other factors.


Concrete pavement maintenance is critical because it saves time and money in repairing fissures and cracks, among other things.

Although concrete can last for tens of years, it must be maintained to reach its full useful life. It is a set of techniques that can only be developed by skilled professionals such as JaxCrete.

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