Residential Epoxy Flooring for Homes

Residential Epoxy Floor

JaxCrete’s residential epoxy flooring coating services in Jacksonville, FL. blows all the competition away in Duval County. Each residential epoxy floor coating is subjected to high abrasion and impact loads. Wear resistance and durability are two critical functions of residential epoxy floor coats. Moisture resistance is also required for various types of residential epoxy floor coatings. JaxCrete’s residential epoxy floor coating team has the power and expertise to lay any size residential epoxy floor coat in Jacksonville while also taking care of all the details of the project in-between.

JaxCrete’s residential epoxy floor coating company guarantees that all agreed-upon deadlines will be met and that no cheap materials will ever be used. We are qualified to choose the best products for the epoxy mix. The goal of JaxCrete is to perform thorough quality control throughout the project. We will undoubtedly find the best option based on the available budget. Furthermore, JaxCrete is always available to communicate with you so that we can provide you with additional advice on your next residential epoxy floor coating project.

How We Can Help!

JaxCrete provides licensed, bonded, and insured residential epoxy floor coating installation and repair services in Jacksonville, Florida. We provide a variety of services, including:

  • Repairing Cracks And Joints 
  • Low Upkeep
  • There Is No Peeling Or Flaking
  • Additional Residential Epoxy Floor Coating Services

Are you concerned about heavy traffic, oil, dirt, or cleaning products such as detergents, turpentine, and others? JaxCrete uses the same tough products and installation techniques in harsh commercial settings as we do in home garages. When applied correctly by your local JaxCrete expert, JaxCrete’s custom residential epoxy floor coatings provide more than just a tough finish; they fuse into the concrete, creating a tenacious bite that resists ugly and frustrating peeling and cracking.

Residential Epoxy Flooring, Repairing Cracks And Joints 

Proper preparation and attention to detail by JaxCrete on the original surface are essential for any long-lasting residential epoxy floor coat in Jacksonville, FL. JaxCrete grinds the surface of the concrete and repairs any open cracks, joints, or surface imperfections with our custom epoxy repair product, which was specifically designed for the treatment of concrete cracks. Proper prep work is another reason JaxCrete can offer our best residential epoxy floor work to our clients year-round in Jacksonville, FL.

Low Upkeep 

JaxCrete’s abrasion-resistant polyasparitic topcoats create a tough, easy-to-clean surface that does not require waxing or other time-consuming maintenance. All residential epoxy floors must withstand a variety of hazards, including the impact of rolling heavy items and vehicular traffic, as well as close contact with a variety of chemicals. JaxCrete’s residential epoxy floor coating products are aesthetically pleasing as well as impact, abrasion, and chemical resistant; making them ideal for demanding environments.

Residential Epoxy Floor, There Is No Peeling Or Flaking

JaxCrete’s residential epoxy floor coating systems are based on our direct-to-concrete epoxy, which fuses deeply into the concrete and bonds so well that you can expect to get more than 8lbs of moisture vapor emission-blocking power. They will not peel or flake – period! They have up to three times the adhesion of other epoxy and polyaspartic coatings.

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