Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Jacksonville, FL

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

JaxCrete’s commercial epoxy flooring is gaining popularity in a wide range of locations throughout Jacksonville, FL. Hospitals, the food industry, schools, and aviation hangars are just a few examples. The epoxy floor coating’s excellent appearance, low maintenance, and durability have made it the floor of choice for heavy-duty industrial flooring. Epoxy floors are easy to clean and have a longer life and a better appearance in installations where cleaning is not performed on a regular basis. Commercial epoxy floor coatings also have the advantage of being able to be renewed if they become damaged or degraded through a simple re-coating process. Come talk to JaxCrete about why epoxy floor coating is the best option for commercial flooring in Duval County.

How We Can Help!

JaxCrete provides certified, bonded, and insured commercial epoxy floor coating installation and repair services in Jacksonville, Florida. There are a number of services we offer:

  • Easy Application
  • Excellent Appearance
  • Safety
  • Additional Commericial Epoxy Floor Coating Services

Repairing projects to new construction projects are all part of JaxCrete’s commercial epoxy floor coating services. We have been serving customers in the Jacksonville area for a long time and have achieved a reputation for being the best commercial epoxy floor coating contractor in Duval County. If you require commercial epoxy floor coating services, please contact JaxCrete today. For any of our services, JaxCrete can offer you a free quote. Please call (904) 842-3655.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Easy Application

While commercial epoxy floor coatings require a fairly smooth sub floor to adhere to, epoxy floor coatings are quick to apply. This can be a huge benefit in a commercial situation where operations must be halted during the re-flooring process. JaxCrete will clean your old floor and, if necessary, grind it smooth before applying your new commercial epoxy floor coating. The JaxCrete team in Jacksonville, FL. specializes in assessing concrete sub floors and treating them so that they are ready for a commercial epoxy finish that will bond perfectly and ensure the longevity of your beautiful commercial epoxy floor.

Excellent Appearance

You’ve most likely seen commercial epoxy floor coats in Jacksonville, FL already. That exotic car showroom with the gleaming colored hard floor? That is one. That fitness center with the tough hard floor patterned with pitch markings? That is another one. Commercial epoxy floor coatings can be any color or pattern you want. This means that commercial epoxy floor coats can be used to define walkways around industrial installations, forklift routes, entrances, exits, hazard areas, loading bays, or crossings all throughout your commercial property. You have almost all of the design options of paint, but with the toughness of concrete.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Safety

Epoxy floor coating surfaces are popular on all commercial properties due to their numerous safety benefits.They can be heat and fire resistant, as well as non-skid in areas where vehicles or foot traffic are expected. Commercial epoxy floor coatings are also gentler on the wheels of delicate equipment, which is why they are so popular in aircraft hangars; this can also extend the life of your warehouse trolleys and vehicles. Commercial epoxy floor coatings are also chemically resistant, making spills, including oil, much easier to handle and less likely to leave a mark. As a result, they are a popular choice for medical and food installations.

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